Jobs that “ROBOTS” are taking away

5 min readJul 31, 2021

Hello guys, welcome to my new blog. In this blog, we are going to see what jobs that robots are taking away from us. Let’s dive deep now.

These days many jobs are taken away by robots, but, why is this happening? What are the reasons for humans losing their jobs to robots? Read the blog to get full insights.

There is a saying that due to robots many jobs might perish. We’ve seen many movies regarding this. Let’s have a look clearly, I completely agree with this statement. As a part of evolution, we will change our lifestyles will change and robots will take over some human jobs. Few jobs will perish when robots take over the job, but we need highly skilled labour/employees/workers to manufacture a robot. There is an increment of employee rate in the manufacturing or troubleshooting sector. So when some jobs are gone, new jobs will rise.

First and foremost, what jobs robots will be taking from humans?

  • TelemarketingData Entry work
  • Librarians
  • Photo Processing
  • Sewer Management

Why these are happening?

The whole world runs on profit-minded businessmen, businesswomen, people, what not everything is related to the profit-loss theory. So everyone wants profits. This is the major reason why Business Tycoons and many MNCs are turning their tables to Automated Bots. These Robots are just trained to perform some specific tasks, thus the name “Automated Bots” came into the discussion. These bots are used in every field and sector. Humans can work with efficiency only when they face hardships and challenges. These innovations and technologies have boosted up the economy of many companies.

Robots in Telemarketing Sector:

For a call marketer, it is hard to speak with 1000 people in a single day, but it is not a matter for a robot. People get exhausted with their work if they are continuously working on the same task. Humans can work with efficiency only when they face hardships and challenges.

But in the case of robots, it is like running the same program or same set of instructions multiple times several times, this increases the efficiency and reduces the time consumed. So a robot can call up too many people as it is automated to speak particular words and the message to be conveyed is simple. Telemarketers are using robots to inquire about the details and converse with real-time people.

Sewage Management by Robots:

There are some jobs like clearing the sewage physically. These are commonly seen in the Municipal Corporations in India. People will physically get into the sewage canals and clear the dirt and the plastic blockings present there. Some countries started implementing Robots in this sector, where robots get into the sewage and clear the blocks. This will be a hardback for the workers in this field.

Photograph Processing:

Photograph Processing is extensible and huge money earning field in these current years. Commonly we human beings are very skilled at this, but the emerging robot technologies are having high proficiency in performing these tasks. Many people think that robots can’t persist in this field, but robots can take up to many jobs based on this field. Like applying automation to many software applications like Image Processing, Open CV, Pillow, Tesseract, etc. These techniques can also be used in some of the Deep Learning processes.

Data Entry Work:

Let us imagine that we should be entering data which is of two years in a few days. Is it possible for a common, natural human being? I will say a huge and clear “NO” because it takes months for a professional to do this. But this hard-core data entry work could be completed in a span of two or three days for the robots physically robot and might be hours if the data is digital. This is the advantage of having a robot in the data entry field. It does the work equivalent to three to four persons with high efficiency and accuracy with no errors. There is a high chance of job crisis for humans if robots are going to be there in the field.

Robots in Library work:

Many librarian jobs are empty in some libraries of the UK, those are neither claimed by humans because nor by other people. Robots took this work and they are well acquainted in this surrounding management field. Robots are automated to process the data of a particular book and track its existence in the place. They can help the readers with high potential and making the arena into a digital field.

Robots in Food Industry:

The food industry is also a platform for Robotic Process Automation. Because making food is a repetitive process and requires massive manpower and continuous efforts, but it is a bit of a simple task for robots. They should be automated and trained to do the task. Robots are used in the manufacturing of candies, chips etc. They are trained to perform some exclusive tasks in the food industry like picking and placing, packing, casing, dispensing, cutting, feed placement and many more. Robots can also be used in restaurants as servers. The only work they have here is serving the food to the assigned table. This became a huge revolution in the food industry in Japan. According to statistics, 40% of hotels and restaurants are using robots as their employees. They require some training to perform these errands.

Robots as Pharmacists:

Robots can also be used as pharmacists. In the coming future when to give your prescription to a pharmacist it scans it and automates the search through the whole pharmacy and picks up the medicines you require. The UCSF Medical centre has thought of this in advance and they started their works on the robotic pharmacist. The pharmacy system that they have been developed dispensed above 350,000 doses of medications without any error. UCSF are in the work to develop bar code readers accompanied with the pharmacy robots, that give medicines and medications with a high accuracy rate and they are implementing the same in the manufacture of drugs.

A general study by CNBC revealed their surveys that by the year 2030 over twenty (20) million jobs are taken over by Robots.

That’s all for this blog guys, meet you in the next blog.




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