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Hello guys, I’m back with one of my blogs. I lifted Tech from the phrase tech blogs because this time there’s something special y’all get to know some life hacks using technology. This is kinda special for me coz, this is the first blog that I’ve written coming out of my genre of content writing.

Now I’m going to share with you some of the most beneficial information that I’ve been amassing past 8 months.

First of all, as a developer or non-developer, everyone might have read at least one book. What if reading is your daily habit and you have an e-book library?

  1. (Link: )
  2. Open Library (Link: )
  3. Free e-Books (Link: )
  4. Google Play Books (Link: )
  5. Book Yards (Link: )

That’s all for the book lovers! Yeah I get it, for the non-readers I’ve saved some cool info too.

Now let’s jump to our daily life after the pandemic bumped into our academics. Online classes, assignments, tests, I can understand that these all are annoying. We use Google as our lonely warrior in the mighty battle of Online Exams. So why don’t we enhance our skills, I meant the searching skills😜😜. Let’s search our engine like a “PRO”.

Using small phrases to improve our search,

  1. Using “site:” will search within a specific website.
  2. Use “ * “ for missing words of a phrase. This will be helpful in the search for lyrics.
  3. Use “ “ for searching specific words of a phrase.
  4. Use “link:” find a page that links to another page.
  5. Use “realated:” to sites that are similar to other sites.

Proceeding to another part of this blog, recently I’ve searched for “How to get paid software for free”. Don’t judge me guys, who don’t want free stuff?

When we typically type anything for free in our search engine what do we get? Some random annoying ads from the website asking us to fill forms and download stupid stuff. Don’t worry visit the websites given below to avoid those complex tasks.


Well, me being a student I thought every other student should know these pretty cool hacks for better productivity.

  1. If you’re an international student wanting to know the info, cheap accommodation of a place visit this website. (Link:
  2. Working on a project? To create powerful visual flow charts don’t forget to visit
  3. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? There is a website that sums up all about this. (Link:
  4. Life Hacker is a place to know how to do something better, faster and smarter. (Link:
  5. Imagine a situation that it is raining outside and you’re studying at the same time. The sounds of rain touching the ground takes us to a pleasant world. These sounds help us to concentrate more on studying too. We have a website for this too. (Link: )
  6. If you are meant to be studying but doing other work(mainly social media) like me currently writing this blog, a website can help you out. (Link: )
  7. We are meant to plan our budgets as we grow, why don’t we habituate this from our teenage. I found a website to do so. (Link: )
  8. publishes literature, sci-fi, poetry, non-fiction and reference texts for free of cost.

Here comes the final part!!!

Being an independent person from childhood, I always thought of helping out my family in every way possible. As a student, there are no sources to do that.

So I found out some platforms where we can earn money from our hard work. This can be our pocket money and also develops our passive income and thoughts to diversify our vision.

First, let’s try a small method. Who don’t like games? What if I say you can get paid by just playing? Awesome right!!

To do so visit and become a tester. Finish signing up and start testing games. You can earn up to 9$ for 15 minutes of testing.

Do you have a great naming sense, logo and slogan creation? I have a great idea for you to earn. Bump into website and become creative. Start working out and participate in contests, if your idea is selected by the contest holder you can get an average amount of 200$.

Can you type fastly? Then your fingers can do magic. Don’t you believe me! Then check out the TranscribeMe website (Link: ) Sadly this isn’t working in India🙁🙁.

Don’t worry, I have a backup plan. Everyone knew about Bitcoin, how the value of a single Bitcoin is spiking up and some days falls too. So basically it involves the concept of Cryptocurrency based on BlockChain Technology. What if I say, you can create your Cryptocurrency? Sounds impressive right?

Yes you can, the process is first to create an ERC 20 token, this token is used in Ethereum BlockChain. The ERC20 Token is the technical standard for Ethereum BlockChain which provides you with the token implementation of the same. (Link: )

Want to make money by just posting pictures? Hop into website and post any cool photos. You will be paid based on the views and downloads of the picture. What are you waiting for, grab your camera and click cool pictures!

And if you have good narration skills, you can narrate audiobooks and get paid at. If you aren’t a confident speaker I have a backup plan for that too, go to . All you need to do is test the websites and give your humble opinion to the respective developers.

Finally, as I explained about “Dark Web” in my previous blog, we can’t be too careful these days. Our data can be leaked anytime and anywhere. Recently the data of 533 million Facebook users have been breached. Want to check about your self?

Visit to check whether your data is leaked online or not.

That’s all for the day guys, hope you find the content interesting. Meet you in my next blog. Happy learning✌🏻✌🏻.



I’m a student at Sastra Deemed University, B.Tech Mechatronics, 2023. My dream is to diversify my proficiency in every domain. Enraptured for AI, and Robotics.

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I’m a student at Sastra Deemed University, B.Tech Mechatronics, 2023. My dream is to diversify my proficiency in every domain. Enraptured for AI, and Robotics.